{ Main Cast }

Below is the main cast of the story thus far. I originally did not want to divide up character importance at all, but I wanted to provide indepth character art and reference for some characters, and obviously I cannot do it for everyone ):

Random: Character birthdays are based on famous composers because I am a pseudo music nerd. If you know the lives, personalities and urban myths about these composers, you can probably tell why I chose them for each particular character (:

{ Full Cast }

Other notable or named characters are listed in chronological order of their first appearance. Quotation marks indicate an alias. Italics indicate a formal title where a name is not specified.

Seroccrim (SAIR-ro-crim, chapter 13): Human, male, 20s

A soft-spoken cleric from the cathedral of the Church of Catharsis in Medrisen.

Kathryn (chapter 11): Human, female, ?

A frail girl who Blackbird appears to be very close to, and is taking killing orders from.

Kasga Lantgres ("KAHS-gah LANT-gress", chapter 8): Enfelid, male, 50s

Chief of the Requis tribe, an Enfelid tribe that inhabits the forests near Arenscura.

Rosien Keur ("ROW-si-un KUR", chapter 6): Human, female, 70s

The current Minister of the kingdom of Arenscura. Named in the Northerners tradition, Rosien is her first name, meaning "falling stars", and Keur is her family name, meaning "river". Her name is a loose phonetic imitation of the Chinese words in Mandarin, 落星 河.

Sangyun Rae ("SANG-yoon REI", chapter 6): Human, male, 40s

The current ruler of the kingdom of Arenscura. Named in the Northerners tradition, Sangyun is his family name, meaning "ashen clouds", and Rae is his first name, meaning "tears". His name is a loose phonetic imitation of the Chinese words in Mandarin, 苍云 泪.

Desair Rehette ("de-SAIR ray-ET", chapter 6): Encanid, male, 20s

The lord's general of Arenscura. Skilled in both elemental magic and physical combat, he is taken in by the Lord of Arenscura, Sangyun Rae, as an orphaned teenager along with his friends from his tribe after tragedy struck his homeland.

Iriel ("AI-ri-el", chapter 4): Enfelid, male, 10

A thief boy lurking about Fort Erin; he holds ambitions too big for his belly.

Auresque Visrin ("or-RESK VIS-rin", chapter 3): Human, female, deceased

Veloce Visrin's mother. Passed away after giving birth to Veloce.

Meron Lantgres ("MAIR-ren LANT-gress", chapter 2): Enfelid, female, 20s

The current Minister of the Kingdom of Kronzel. A highly skilled Elementalist.

King of Kronzel (chapter 2): Human, male, 60s

The current ruler of the kingdom of Kronzel.

Vocruen ("Voc-RUIN", chapter 1): Human, male, 30s

Veloce Visrin's servant who is also a demon magic user. Exiled at the onset of the Prohibition in accordance with its terms.

Vladimir Gorchen ("VLAD-di-meer GOR-chen", chapter 1): Human, male, 60s

A retired scholar who now spends his days tutoring children of aristocratic descent in Kronzel.