{ Illustrations }

I consider myself as more of an illustrator than a sequential artist, but over time I got more and more into drawing the actual story that I turned out less and less artworks for it. The stash of Carciphona-related art I had collected back then are out of date in terms of story and design, and the little I draw nowadays are all out of character or not current with the story progress. Here they are nevertheless for your amusement! For non-Carciphona artworks, visit my DeviantART or my homepage.

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{ Sketches & Scraps }

Please visit the Carciphona category of my blog to see unfinished artwork, sketches and talk about Carciphona ^^ You will find current and old vote incentive artworks there as well. Click here.

{ Tutorials }

For those interested in my work process, here are some tutorials I made to help shed light on how I work, and maybe give you some ideas for experiment!

Manga page creation walk through: Click here
Printing your book for the first time: Click here

{ Music }

Although my degree in music was not as fruitful as it could've been (no one to blame but myself, really), I do sometimes feel inclined to write music to for parts of the story. Feel free to download it for personal listening via right click ยป save link as.

01 Return | SoundCloud link

This song was the first one I've ever written; I spent a lot of time on it because I had no clue how to use any of these music programs to get what I want, and it became more of a guinea pig than anything. The song is based on Chopin's funeral march, and was supposed to be Veloce's theme before the story changed a lot!

02 Wanderer | SoundCloud link

The folk song that Veloce hears/sings along to in the scene in book 5, page 97 :D

03 Procession for the Departed | SoundCloud link

In Book 4, page 49, there is a glimpse of a funeral in preparation for the Enfelids. I imagined this to be their traditional funeral procession song.

03 Procession for the Departed - vocals | SoundCloud link

The previous song, with vocals! The first part is the voice of the mourner, while the second part is the voice of the deceased. I took a while trying to figure out how to make a strings version of this procession for the vocals, since the vocals should be slower than the piano version. I also wanted to make a choral rendition of the voice of the deceased by singing this song like 30 times by myself. Needless to say I did not succeed, and all I have is the vocals on top of the piano ):

{ Cosplay }

These people are IMMENSELY COOL and you have no idea how stoked I was when I saw these. If you're the creators of these cosplays, I understand that they are old and you may no longer wish to have these pictures on the internet, so please do not hesitate to ask me to remove them if that is the case (:

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{ Moar }

to be added!